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Meet Mesmerotica®, the seductive enchantress who has special powers of hypnosis and mind control is now available for license.

This property delivers a unique mix of action, adventure, suspense and intrigue, all delivered in a seductive and thought provoking package that will have viewers begging for more...She will captivate you. That is, if she hasn't already!

But as well as being a force for good, Mesmerotica® also has a dark side. She is often tempted to use her powers to seduce her victims, whom she shamelessly dominates to satisfy her selfish craves for power and personal pleasures.

Mesmerotica® has hypnotized hundreds, maybe thousands since becoming aware of her hypnotic abilities. Has she been using her powers for her own immediate gratification, or is she secretly planning something much more sinister by building an army of brainwashed followers?

The action takes place at the start of the 21st century in Washington DC. Macy St. James is the brightest young reporter on The Washington Banner. As she has grown, so have her hypnotic powers. But she is still young and therefore vulnerable to the temptations of the dark side of her mind.

The forces of evil, which are gathering strength at the start of the third millennium, try to lure her to join them. They fill her head with dark visions that she doesn't fully understand, but she feels the lure of using her powers to satisfy her selfish cravings very strongly.

She is helped by the spirit of her dead father, a priest called Simon, who teaches her how to master her emotions and clear her mind, because whatever emotions she is feeling when she transforms into Mesmerotica® will determine her persona.

If she succumbs to fear, hate, or anger, she will flip into the Mesmerotica® persona that is selfish and dark. However, when she clears her feelings and lets her powers flow through her taking them from the lifeforce around her - then she controls her transformation and is able to battle evil with her superhuman spiritual powers.

While Simon's guidance pulls her towards the light, the forces of evil pull her towards the darkness. So, like all of us, she must learn to control her emotions. This is her constant conflict and inner turmoil.

Macy has a twin sister, Harmony, who was separated from her at birth and sent to live with foster parents in Austrailia. Macy was brought up by Simon, believing her real parents died in a car crash when she was a young child. Before he died, Simon told Macy she was born with special powers because she has been chosen to help fight the forces of evil that are gathering on Earth. He also told her about Harmony, with whom she is able to communicate telepathically.

Using this telepathic ability, Macy has found Harmony and brought her back to the States. Harmony is a sultry singer and the twins are closer than close. (Harmony is the only person who knows of Macy's alter ego, Mesmerotica®). But Macy worries that some of the evildoers she has brought to justice ay hurt Harmony to get to her.

The Adventures of Mesmerotica® will deliver an irresistible blend of action, adventure, seduction and suspense that will mesmerize viewers and keep them yearning for more.

Mesmerotica® is the archetypal modern hero, with a twist. And she is about to take the world by storm.

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